PixNode Stocking for Smart / Dumb Nodes PixNode Santa Sleigh Small and Large Singing Christmas Trees
PixNode CoroFlakeâ„¢ for 12mm Bullet Style Pixel and Dumb Nodes - 23" Diameter / 100 Nodes PixelTrim System / Pixel Node, Bulb, Strip Mounting System for Roof, Gutters, Fasica and More (general description, not actual product) PixNode CoroFlakeâ„¢ Star Snow Flake for Smart / Dumb Nodes - 12 18 24 36 Inches
PixNode Rigid Modular Matrix Panel for Smart / Dumb Nodes PixNode Present for Smart / Dumb Nodes - 14, 18, 29 Inches 16 Output / 120 Volt Controller for Standard 120v LED and Incandescent Lights / Assembled / Ready2Run / (USA, Canada, Mexico Only) / AlphaPix Evolution CPU
PixNode Extreme Strip (tm) - Continuous Length Pixel Node Mounting Strip (Sold by the Foot) Slim Peace Pixel Stakes for Nodes HolidayCoro.com 16 Ribbon Pixel MegaTree