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QuickTree™ Pixel MegaTree Mounting System PixNode Net™ - Flexible Pixel Node Mounting Nets House Outline and Misc Pixel Mounting Hardware
The QuickTree™ system is designed for building pixel node MegaTrees from 5 to 64 strings in size.

The perfect way to mount nodes in matrix patterns for wrapping column / poles, bushes, gutter icicles, matrix displays, spider webs and more!

A variety of solutions for mounting strip, node and bulbs to houses and other structures.

Waterproof Enclosures / Mounting Adapters & Kits Waterproof Cable Pigtails, Tees and Extensions (3 Wire / 3 Core) Waterproof Cable Pigtails, Tees and Extensions (4 Wire / 4 Core)
Controller and Power Supply mounting enclosures, mounting adapters and related hardware.

Waterproof cabling for use with all our three wire pixels.

Waterproof cabling for use with dumb RGB lighting and DMX+Power solutions.

Extension Wire / Soldering / Shrink Wrap CAT5 Cables, Plugs & Adapters Tools
Solutions for customers building DIY solutions using smart and dumb lighting using un-terminated wire.

CAT5 Cables and related accessories for either for Ethernet (E1.31 / ArtNet) or CAT Power+DMX based systems.

Tools related to the holiday lighting hobby
DMX (E1.11 Based RS485) Dongles
Here you can find our DMX "dongles" for DMX output from popular applications that work with the "Enttec Pro" RS485 based DMX 1990 dongle.

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