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DISCONTINUED: TinyPix™ - Pixel Controller / DMX to SPI Smart Pixel Decoder
PRODUCT PHOTO:  TinyPix - Pixel Controller / DMX to SPI Smart Pixel Decoder

NOTE: Requires Programmer Cable
to configure settings (only one required)
Our Price: $34.99 / .21 Cents per Controlled Pixel

Product Code: 611

The following items are included with this product:
[Product Description Page] [FAQ & Documentation Page]
In an on-going effort to improve our products, the TinyPix has been replaced by the following products:

RS485 Based DMX Input and distributed environments with lower pixel counts - The EasyPix Controller
E1.31 Ethernet Based DMX Input and semi-distributed environments with higher pixel counts - The
AlphaPix Controller (4 output unit)
Hands on Demo and Overview
How to Wire Up the TinyPix Controller
Programming the TinyPix Controller Settings
Product Features
  • General Product Information
    • For control of RGB pixel lights (individually controlled RGB lights)
    • Ideal for use with distributed elements including:
      • Arches
      • Fans
      • Mini Pixel Trees
      • Poles/Posts
      • Soffit/Fasica/Roof strip lighting
      • Window outlines
    • Works with all common pixel protocols on the market today - 2811 / 2801 / 6803 / 1804 / 3001
    • Extremely low cost, half the cost or more of other similar pixel controllers.
    • Support for up to a FULL 170 pixels (510 DMX channels) on a single string (pixel power wire must be of sufficient gauge and consume under 150 Watts in total.) Don’t be limited to a controller that can only handle 42 pixels per controller or worse yet, doesn’t even let you set the DMX start address.
    • Support for full pixel control (three DMX channels for each pixel) or macro mode that allows you to address an entire string of pixels with just three DMX channels. This is useful if you want to purchase pixels now instead of dumb RGB lights but only want to sequence using three DMX channels. It is also useful where you just don’t need the ability to address each pixel directly.
    • Screw terminals for all the inputs and outputs reduces or eliminates soldering and they handle up to 16 AWG wires. This also allows you to easily attach our waterproof cables with just a screw driver.
    • The small controller board facilitates easier mounting (see below for specific sizes) in more locations.
    • All settings can be set (and read) via the included Windows application (programmer cable required). This allows you to waterproof your controller or build it “into” an element but still be able to access all the functions and features just by plugging it into your computer and re-setting the features.
    • Works with any standard RS485 DMX signal (see below for common interfaces.)
    • 23 built in holiday related sequences allow you to use the controller when you don’t have a DMX signal. This makes the controller useful for off-season uses or places where you just want the controller to perform a single function. The list of sequences includes:
      • Red, Green, Blue Alternating (default)
      • 1 - Off / Disabled / No sequence
      • 2 - Red chase with trail (start to end)
      • 3 - Green chase with trail (start to end)
      • 4 - Blue chase with trail (start to end)
      • 5 - Rainbow chase – 7 Colors (start to end)
      • 6 - Green chasing Red (start to end)
      • 7 - Red chasing Green (start to end)
      • 8 - Red chasing White, chasing Blue (start to end)
      • 9 - Orange chasing Purple (start to end)
      • 10 - Purple chasing Orange (start to end)
      • 11 - Twinkle: White over red background
      • 12 - Twinkle: White over blue background
      • 13 - Twinkle: White over green background
      • 14 - Twinkle: Orange over purple background
      • 15 - Twinkle: Purple over orange background
      • 16 - Solid color: Red
      • 17 - Solid color: Green
      • 18 - Solid color: Blue
      • 19 - Solid color: White
      • 20 - Solid color: Purple
      • 21 - Solid color: Orange
      • 22 - Solid color: Yellow
    • Controller can be setup to use ghost / null / repeater pixels. This feature is useful where you have a long distance (usually 5 to 15+ feet) from the location of the controller to the first pixel. This allows the pixels designated as null pixels to just function as signal repeaters and do not factor in for DMX addressing.
    • Forward and reverse addressing. This feature allows you to address the pixel closest to the controller as your start channel (e.g. – 1,2,3 then 4,5,6) or to address the pixels starting with the last pixel as your start channel with DMX channels decreasing as they get closer to the controller. This is a very useful feature when you want have areas like the peak of a roof that starts and ends with separate controllers but you want contiguous DMX addressing over the entire length for easier sequencing.
    • On-board LED Indicator provides you feedback on the current status of the controller:
      • Half Second Blink – When the controller is in programming mode. The controller blinks 4 times a second after successfully receiving a programming command from the programming application.
      • 1 Second Blink – DMX Signal is present (disabling the built-in sequences)
      • 4 Second Blink – No DMX Signal is present (built-in sequence will run if programed to do so)
    • Simple pass-through power design means that you only need to provide power directly to the input of the controller and that power will power the controller itself and the attached pixels.
  • Included, optional and customer supplied items
    • Items included with this item/product/bundle:
      • One DMX Pixel Controller
      • Programming Software (works with native Windows XP, 7 and 8)
    • Required items for operation:
      • RGB Pixel lights or strip (see our pixel lighting section for a wide selection)Waterproofing enclosure (we recommend 2” PVC pipe with caps as a simple and inexpensive solution.)
      • Programmer cable – HolidayCoro Item #54-2 (only one is required for any number of controllers you may have. This same programmer cable also works with our switchless dumb/basic controllers.)
      • DMX Source Device (see below for partial list)
      • Sequencing software (when not used in standalone mode with built in sequences.) Applications include but are not limited to:
        • LOR S3
        • LightShow Pro
        • Vixen
        • As this controller is a standards based DMX unit (E1.11), any application that generates DMX is compatible.
      • Power supply (see the power requirements for each type of pixel on our product pages). See our power configuration blog entry here.
    • Optional items
      • Shrink wrap for insulating and sealing splice connections on lights
      • Mounting method, including:
        • Screws
        • Double sided tape
        • PVC Pipe
        • Other
    • Customer supplied tools or items:
    • Assembly Instructions
      • Overview video
      • Wiring video (pending)
      • Programming video (pending)
      • LOR Setup video (pending)
      • No written instructions are provided with this unit - see the above videos
    • Estimated assembly time:
      • First unit: 2 to 15 minutes (depending on experience, wiring and mounting method)
  • Technical Specifications
    • Color: Green (circuit board)
    • Dimensions & Weight
      • Complete product (overall):
        • Per Controller: .1 pounds or about 1.5 oz
        • Height: .637” (at highest component)
        • Width: 1.77”
        • Depth: 3.15”
      • Mounting Holes:
        • .15” in diameter
        • 2.17” Center to Center on long side of board
        • 1” Center to center on short side of board
        • Area directly around screw hole does not have traces to prevent possible shorts from screw head.
    • Temperature Range
      • Operation: -15 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit
      • Storage: -20 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit
    • County of Origin
      • Materials/parts: China / Japan / USA
      • Assembly: China
      • Hardware Design: China / USA
      • Software Design/Programming: USA
    • Certifications & Approvals
      • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Certified/Recognized/Approved: No
      • CE: No
      • ROHS (Lead Free): Yes
  • Compatibility
    • All DMX512 output devices including:
      • HolidayCoro ActiDongle (fully supported)
      • Enttec Open / Pro
      • LOR USB “Dongle” (varies)
      • DIYLA Lync Dongle
      • DMX King
      • LOR iDMX-1000
      • SanDevices ELOR
      • Any standard DMX output device
  • Power / Signal / Wiring
    • Wiring / Interface:
      • DMX input / output (see our Knowledgebase for more details)
      • Protocol: DMX512/1990
      • Signal: RS-485
      • Screw terminals (left side of board): Marked under “|--DMX IN--|”:
        • “D+“ is CAT5 Pin 1 / Orange+White (568B Standard) – DMX Positive
        • “D-“ is CAT5 Pin 2 / Solid Orange (568B Standard) – DMX Negative
        • GND is DMX ground – not usually connected / optional
      • Screw terminals (left side of board): Marked under “|--DMX OUT--|”:
        • “D+“ is CAT5 Pin 1 / Orange+White (568B Standard) – DMX Positive
        • “D-“ is CAT5 Pin 2 / Solid Orange (568B Standard) – DMX Negative
        • GND is DMX ground – not usually connected / optional
    • Power input
      • Voltage Range: 5 to 12v DC
      • Screw terminal (left side of board): Positive marked “POWER IN” directly under “DC+”
      • Screw terminal (left side of board J13): Negative “POWER IN” directly under “DC-“
    • Signal (SPI)/Pixel output:
      • Pixel protocols
      • 2801 / WS2801 (4 wire) - Supported by HolidayCoro
      • 2811 / WS2811 (3 wire) - Supported by HolidayCoro
      • 6803 (4 wire) – Not Supported by HolidayCoro but should work fine
      • 180x / TM1804 (3 wire) – Not Supported by HolidayCoro but should work fine
      • 3001 (3 wire) – Not Supported by HolidayCoro but should work fine
      • GECE pixel support will not be provided in this unit
      • Screw terminals (right side of board): Marked under “|---OUTPUT---|”:
        • NOTE: There is NO standard for wiring pixels. Do not assume that standard colors such as red and black are for voltage. User should verify all wiring prior to connection. All HolidayCoro pixels have their wiring indicated on our website and in most cases, is directly marked on the package that comes with your pixels.
        • V+ is Positive voltage output (voltage depends on input)
        • CLK is the Clock signal (only used with four wire pixels)
        • Data is the Data signal (used on all pixels)
        • V- is Negative voltage output (voltage depends on input)
      • Dimming Levels / Steps: 8 Bit / 256 (DMX Maximum)
      • Up to 150 Watts per controller:
        • Output connection is fuse protected
        • 30 Amps @ 5v DC
        • 12.5 Amps @ 12v DC
  • Warranty & Support
    • Warranty period
      • 60 days from date of purchase OR until December 31st of the year in which the product was purchased. For complete information, see our warranty details.
      • HolidayCoro does not cover blown fuses as a warranty item.
    • Support Policy
      • Supported:
        • Programming from Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 using HolidayCoro provided programming software and HolidayCoro provided programmer cable (item #54-2.)
        • Troubleshooting when used with HolidayCoro provided pixels.
        • Troubleshooting using our programming application or xLights. Our limit of support is if either of these applications are able to properly control the pixels as expected.
        • DMX input issues when used with the HolidayCoro ActiDongle (item #53.)
      • NOT Supported:
        • Programming from any emulated or VM (WMWare, Parallels, etc) environment or using any non-HolidayCoro provided programming software or any non-HolidayCoro programming device (LOR, dLight, etc.)
        • Any troubleshooting related to use with non-HolidayCoro pixels.
        • Setup or configuration inside any sequencing application (see our website for sample videos on how to get you started.)
        • Setup or configuration of any non-HolidayCoro DMX source (Enttec Pro/Open, SanDevices, LOR dongle, etc.)
  • Customization: No
  • Product Revision history
    • Updated Firmware to 102 - Dec 2013
      Revision 1.1 board and firmware – June 2013
      Revision 1.0 programming software – July 2013

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5 of 5 Excellent product! August 29, 2014
Reviewer: Nathan Davis from Saint Albans, WV United States  
This little gadget does exactly what it's advertised to do, and is very easy to program. I was able to get the channels programmed very quickly, and had my first string of lights attached in no time.

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You guys rock!!!! The new V102 chip works perfect.

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This is my first year on pixel's so i purchased this controller for testing and it works great.
i did receive the controller without the eprom installed.I emailed David and he sent it out to me without question.....Customer Service is key!!! thx David

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5 of 5 TinyPix pixel controller March 6, 2014
Reviewer: ronald emery from morganton, NC United States  
This item is great. Small footprint so it can be built in as part of the display. Easy to set up and program.

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4 of 5 bought 2 February 28, 2014
Reviewer: Paul Blight from Redlands, CA United States  
bought 2 controllers and well one works GREAT the other well it has issues so I don't know seems ok

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