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Why HolidayCoro doesn't provide purchase recommendations for non-HolidayCoro hardware
Last Updated: 05/22/2012
HolidayCoro strives to give back to our lighting community through our conference presentations, articles and videos and as a result we are often asked for recommendations on designs and sources for hardware. In general, we do not provide direct recommendations for and hardware that isn't hardware we directly sell and there are a number of reasons we don't:
  • To provide an exacting solution requires complete knowledge of the users system - what sequencing software, what technical experience the user has, what protocols are being used, display design and layout and more.  Due to the time involved, we only provide this level of service through our consulting services.  When we provide a solution, we want to know 100% that it will work based on the specifics of a customer's display.
  • We don't recommend specific hardware or vendors because we have no control over those vendors.  The forums are full of posts from people who have been burned by a vendor that said they could provide a product with a specific level of quality in a specific time frame and didn't deliver on one or both cases.  We don't want to point you to a vendor that may have in the past provided us or others quality service only to find that the vendor has changed.
  • We prefer to stay vendor agnostic - we make every effort where possible to make our products work with all vendors hardware and/or software. 
  • We feel strongly that display operators should have the knowledge to build and troubleshoot more complex systems such as are involved in Pixels and RGB devices.  Since there are very few "off the shelf" solutions from commercial vendors in this segment, it makes it very important that users of the hardware know how it works.  We make every effort to provide general information necessary for customers to make informed choices through our RGB video series and many forum posts.  We are confident that once a customer has read, studied and understands all the options, the correct system, protocol and vendor will become obvious.
  • We highly recommend visiting one of the many, high quality discussion forums where plenty of information can be found in prior posts and where you can post your own questions that you may have.


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