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An Important Word About Fall 2020
Last Updated: 07/30/2020
Here is our short story on the current and future state of shipments for this season:

  • Package volumes for most carriers are already 40-70% above normal for this part of the year
  • Expect doubling of delivery times for US domestic packages shipped in the October and November months, including Next Day and 2nd Day deliveries. Expect 2-4 weeks for International deliveries based on demand.
  • Shipping companies have all suspended shipping guarantees, thus we will be unable extend refunds or credits for shipping costs due to delays in delivery
  • Our sales, due to COVID, are running nearly double normal growth rates, thus we expect constrained ability to quickly ship orders in the October and November months
  • ORDER NOW while the system is operating relatively OK and avoid the additional delays and costs that will occur later this season

Here is the long story:

This year COVID has completely changed the landscape of the e-commerce world. As you can imagine, more people than ever are having packages shipped instead of picking up products directly in store and as a result, most carriers are seeing 40 to 70% higher volume in what would normally be the "slow" season of the year. As such, almost all carriers have suspended their delivery guarantees and refunds and delivery times have started to increase since the start of the year. Additionally, we expect that shipping surcharges which carriers normally only apply in December, will be pushed up into November and possibly October, raising the overall cost of shipping for our customers.

Why does this matter to you? Well, it will only get worse as the season progresses as carriers that can barely keep up in November will just flat out fall apart due to the additional delivery volume and there is no way that these carriers can adjust their massive operations in time. As such, we fully expect that ground packages that normally take 3 to 5 days for delivery will be running 4 to 14 days for delivery and we also expect delays in Next Day, 2nd Day and 3rd Day shipping options also. As the carriers currently do not refund shipping costs, we are unable to pass along refunded shipping costs due to delays or because a customer no longer can use the product ordered due to delays as a result of shipping.

Additionally, we are already seeing a near doubling of our normal growth since May and we believe that there will be either delays in shipments or we will be forced to raise prices to moderate this higher than normal demand as we do not believe we will be able to keep up with demand in the month of November.

We beg of our customers, while the system is still operating somewhat normally, if you are planning an order for the fall, ORDER NOW.

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