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When will my PRE-SALE order ship?
Last Updated: 04/09/2018
We know that our customers are ready to get their PRE-SALE orders as soon as possible and HolidayCoro absolutely wants to get our customers their items as soon as possible - we have absolutely zero reasons to delay shipment any longer than necessary. We strive to ship all PRE-SALE orders before the end of the stated PRE-SALE date and in-fact, we ship the vast majority of orders prior to the end of the PRE-SALE.

Here are the possible reasons why this order has not shipped at this time:
  • The PRE-SALE end date has not arrived - See our PRE-SALE status page for the official end date - this date is listed under "PRE-SALE Shipping End Date". This month is also listed in the order (e.g. THIS *ENTIRE* ORDER SHIPS JAN-JUN) and on each PRE-SALE item in the order (e.g "Ships June 2099"). A PRE-SALE order is not late until after the end of the stated PRE-SALE date.
  • We ship the majority of PRE-SALE orders in a first-in, first-out order, as a result, orders place at the end of the sale date (see the PRE-SALE status page for start and end dates) will ship toward the end of the sale. Please note that an early order does not guarantee delivery at a certain date due to a variety of issues - item out of stock, item in production, custom assembly, etc.
  • For certain large orders that are partial ship due to an out-of-stock item or other factor, we hold these orders for shipment until we have shipped all orders that ship complete at one time, then we start shipping partial orders.
What do I do now?
  • If the order has not shipped before the end of the sale, the order is not currently late.
  • If the end of the PRE-SALE has arrived, the order is late and here are the options:
    • If you wish to obtain a refund, the date by which the 100% refund can be requested is listed on the PRE-SALE status page under "Drop-Dead Date". Once your order has reached this date, we will provide a 100% refund on all items not shipped in your order if you request such a refund.
    • Await a delayed delivery at the estimated date listed on the PRE-SALE status page.

Common Questions:
Q: I just need to know the date when my PRE-SALE order will ship.
A: This is generally not possible because of the following reasons:
  • Our packers process regular orders ahead of PRE-SALE orders. So if 80% of the day is spent processing regular orders, we use the remaining 20% to ship PRE-SALE orders. As we have no idea of the order count or size for regular orders, we have no way to predict how many PRE-SALE orders will ship in a day, week or month.
  • We do not know the exact amount of time each order will take to ship. Some orders may take 10 minutes to pick and pack, some may take 1.5 hours.
  • We may skip an early order that contains a low-stock item and re-evaluate that order for shipment at the end of the PRE-SALE when we have a better idea of the available stock.
  • There may be coro items that are awaiting production.
  • We ship the vast majority of PRE-SALE orders from stock on hand and since a PRE-SALE typically takes 4 to 6 months to complete shipping, we ship only items we predictively have determined that we have sufficient stock on hand to ship.
Q: I need my order for xxx event.
A: To be fair to all customers, we process orders in a first-in-first-out order. Because we receive so many requests to "jump the line", we are now no longer able to make individual exceptions.

Q: I had no idea that it would take this long to receive my order.

A: We make many, many efforts to make sure that every customer is 100% aware that the items they are ordering are PRE-SALE items, including:
- Bold, red text in each product listing indicating that this item will arrive at a later date, along with the link to the "current shipping" item: "This is a PRE-SALE item and ships in the future - for immediate shipping, see the in-stock product."
- The product name shown in the cart and on the product page states "PRE-SALE...(Ships Feb to August)"
- A warning notice that shows in the cart during checkout and is included on the invoice received that states "THIS *ENTIRE* ORDER SHIPS FEB - AUG"
Q: Can you ship whatever you have now and ship the rest later?
A: We make this decision based on a number of factors at the time the order comes up for shipping. Historically we do not partial ship orders where possible due to the number of mistakes that occur in partial ship orders. When we do ship partial orders, they typically are at the end of the sale date.

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