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Design Assistance: House Outline (RGB Pixel Based)

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Our Price: $149.99

Availability/Ships: Varies - 1 to 14 Days Depending on Current Work Loads
Product Code: DESIGN1

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Example of House Outline
Product Features
Customers are required to first review these two primer articles:
Customer must provide the following information:
  • Photo of house showing location where ALL possible lights are to be installed.
  • The length of the area where the lights are to be installed should be printed in that area and not on another area in the photo
  • No references to gutter, roof, door, window or other items should be neccessary as the dimensions will be printed directly on the photo
  • There must be only one single photo, we are unable to process multiple photos or angles.
  • Please do not use "Google Maps" for the source of the photo. Take the photo from the most likely viewing location of the people to view your display (street, side walk, etc). The photo should he as high quality as possible - do not "down res" or reduce the quality of a photo sent to us.
  • Mark-up photo (use any paint application such as Microsoft Paint or PixlR) showing exact location of lights to be installed. If customer is unsure of where the lights will be installed, mark ALL possible locations lights might be installed and include dimensions. Dimensions must be in inches or feet (imperial dimensions only). Send this drawing to sales@holidaycoro.com with the subject line of "House Outline - Order XXXXX" - where X is your order number including this consulting charge.
  • Below is an example of the required photo:

Customers will be provided with:
  • Evaluation and correction of project design (up to 20 minutes via phone if needed)
  • A complete list of all the hardware, specific to their house or business design, to complete the project including links to the items on our website
  • CAD drawings showing controller, pixel and cabling locations overlay-ed on your home or business
  • Written documentation for each controller, what length of pixels connects to it, the controller settings, power and pixel counts and other related information
  • Advice on software solutions to meet customer goals and skill levels (as requested)
Limits and Exclusions:
  • Due to the automation in our design process, we are unable to provide a design using third-party pixels, cable or controllers.
  • Designs will be focused on ease of assembly, ease of installation and the least amount of cabling over complex power injection methods.
  • Design includes only a single type of light type. Mixed light types (strip + nodes or strip + bulbs) will be billed based upon complexity of design.
  • This purchase does not include design of any other additional elements (megatrees, matrix, arches, etc) - it solely covers a house outline.
  • HolidayCoro will provide a single design based on customer supplied dimensions and requirements. Additional revisions due to customer requested changes or customer errors (estimated instead of actual measured distances) will be billed separately.
  • HolidayCoro will cancel, without refund any order in which HolidayCoro has requested additional information (measurements, design requirements, hardware information, etc) and the customer has does not provide the requested information within a 15 calendar day period of time.
  • Due to the variable nature of each project, in cases where there the building is unusually large, we reserve the right to adjust pricing to reflect the actual time input required to produce the deliverable. This typically only applies to large commercial installations and large homes (e.g. - 5,000 sq/ft+).
Additional Information:
  • Typical turn around time is 1 to 14 days depending on current project workloads.

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