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Concierge Service / Consulting / One Hour
Concierge Service / Consulting / One Hour

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Price per Consulting Hour: $79.99

Product Code: CONSULT60

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Product Features
HolidayCoro often receives questions from customers that are open ended, meaning that the question or most often, questions isn't about a single specific product such as - “what voltage does this operate at” but are instead along the lines of “I want to know how my project could use RGB lights” or "How do I build this project using pixels?". When we receive “open ended” questions, we often have a huge number of questions that must be asked and then answered by the customer (usually this must occur several times in order to narrow down the solutions) in order to provide the customer an application specific answer to the question. HolidayCoro won’t provide you with an answer that is approximate or a guess as many vendors will provide "free" – we only provide answers to questions when we know that the answer provided is the best possible answer, including solutions that require third-party hardware or software.

Based on our experience, most open ended discussions, to be properly answered, require an hour of time to listen and understand, then refine and answer additional questions. HolidayCoro is more than happy to assist you with your project design in all the areas that it involves – power management, channel distribution, controller selection, light selection, mounting methods, assembly, wiring, signal management, etc. but we are unable to provide it free of charge while maintaining prices that are as much as 60% lower than our competitors. That said, HolidayCoro has, hands down, the absolute most useful technical and training information available, for free, on our website and blog - more than any other vendor in this market space - we believe education of customers is just as important as product sales. That combined with many, many public discussion forums, means that the answers are out there for “free." Of course there is always the amount of time it takes to develop that knowledge - and we understand that some customers don’t have that time to invest in the days, weeks and even months it may take to get to the level where these decisions come easy.

You will receive un-rushed and dedicated personal attention using our consulting services from a highly experienced professional that can quickly answer your questions and provide you with an entire breath of solutions.

HolidayCoro often recommends the use of third party hardware or software solutions. HolidayCoro does not provide purchasing assistance, warranty or direct assistance in the configuration or setup of third party hardware or software - please contact the recommended vendor for this support.

We will attempt to reach out twice to customers to discuss their project or schedule a time to do so. This includes requests for customer specific information (maps, drawings, measurements, hardware lists, etc). If after the two attempts, we do not receive a response, the session will be refunded at 75% of the purchase price.

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Confused on where to start? Buy this. March 2, 2016
Reviewer: Darin Berg from Neenah, WI United States  
David was a terrific help on getting started in Christmas and Halloween lighting.  He has a wealth of knowledge and will walk you through any aspects of design, hardware or software that you need assistance with.  If you have a big purchase coming up - GREAT!  He easily saved me hundreds of dollars by not purchasing the wrong products!

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Review for Concierge Service November 12, 2015
Reviewer: Martin Mendoza from Ontario, OR United States  
The concierge service, is very helpful. David had great ideas for my display!
Also, David sent me an excel file that had all the information on power for my setup, and how many CCR's to hook together and on what controller and output. The file saved me a lot of time.
Thanks David! I really appreciate your help!

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This was helpful for me as a beginner to pixels! March 4, 2015
Reviewer: Chris G from Atlanta, GA United States  
I had lots and lots of questions for David and he was very helpful with advice in general and for my particular setup.  You can get the most out of the session by reading the blog beforehand to answer the basics so that you can spend the time on the phone going over the more complicated matters.  Would recommend for anyone getting started in pixels.

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Concierge Service / One Hour March 2, 2015
Reviewer: Ricky Poff from Albany, OR United States  
Best thing I could have done. Helped me with every detail on helping me pick out what I needed to Outline the Outside of my
Home with what type of Controllers, Power, Wiring, Connections, and Pixels. Sent back Diagram on where and how to place all component's. Answered every question and concern I had. I've always been pleased with the Products, Direction and Service. That Dave and HolidayCoro  have provided in the last 3 years. My go to on my RGB Lighting.

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No Time November 26, 2014
Reviewer: David Adcock from Oklahoma City, OK United States  
item was great just as advertised.

Wanted help through your paid consulting service and they didn't have time. No time to help new customers.
This is just like anything else, you can't take for granted the knowledge and experience you have and assume everyone understands what you are talking about. I have a good idea from researching material, but I am not going to spend that kind of money and hope i got it right when a couple of easy questions need to answered first.   Just too busy. Advertise that.  Maybe next year. ok
We are sorry for our inability to provide paid design services during our blackout period.  Due to our work load during the peak season, we are unable to provide our more extensive paid consulting services that are provided in the pre and post season.  While this item was hidden from view on the website and was indicated as not for purchase during the blackout period, it was still possible to purchase.  We are really sorry that we were unable to provide this support but we must focus first on customers with prior purchases first and pre-sales design work as a second.

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