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New!  PRE-SALE: Four RGB Pixel Ribbon Strip Arch Kit / 16 Ft Per Arch / Ready2Run Assembled (Ships Jan to May)

Photo shows three arches
Four arches are included in this package

Additional Photos:

PRE-SALE Price: $194.99

Availability/Ships: January to May 2018
Product Code: 817-PS

The following items are included with this product:

CAT5 Network Data Signal Cable

Pre-Configured Input Voltage

110/120 Input Voltage (United States, Canada, Mexico, etc)
220/240 Input Voltage (Europe, Australia, Middle East, Asia, etc)
Setup and Troubleshooting Assistance

Regular Support (via E-Mail) - Included with controller purchase
Priority Support (via Phone) - With Controller Purchase [Add $49.99] | Purchased Separately [$99.99]
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Controller Warranty Period

Pixel Controller - No Warranty / No Return [No Additional Cost]
AlphaPix 4 Controller - 1 Year Hardware Warranty (Ready2Run Assembled) [Add $11.99]
AlphaPix 4 Controller - 3 Year Hardware Warranty (Ready2Run Assembled) [Add $22.99] 
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  - Warranty period cannot be adjusted after purchase
  - Warranty applies only to controller, standard warranty applies to all other items in package
 - Controller hardware is identical for all warranty levels

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This is a PRE-SALE item and ships in the future - for immediate shipping, see the in-stock product.

Product Features
This Pixel Package allows you to build four pixel arches using this kit and a few inexpensive items from the hardware store. This kit features:

  • A modern E1.31 Pixel controller, weather proof mounting enclosure, power supply and all necessary cabling
  • Fully wired and ready for installation into your display
  • Fully compatible with LOR S3, LightShow Pro, Vixen, Nutcracker, HLS, Madrix and many other E1.31 and ArtNet sequencing and control software.
  • Designed for two arches on each side of the controller with up to 7 feet between arches
  • Can be expanded in the future for up to 9 arches with the same power supply and controller
  • Includes black Velcro for attaching pixel strip / ribbon to the PVC mounting pipe

You will need the following items, in-addition to the items purchased in this kit to complete your arch kit:

  • Eight 2 Ft long sections of rebar (to mount the PVC pipe)
  • 72 Feet of 3/4" PVC pipe (for mounting strip)
  • Misc Ethernet networking switch/wiring as required for E1.31/ArtNet
For customers that wish to add an additional strip for displays that require 360 degree viewing on both sides of the PVC mounting pipe, the following can be added to the kit without any changes in the controller or power requirements:

Shown below is the typical height and width of a "perfect" uncompressed arch. Arches can be lowered in height and made wider as needed.

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