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We love to hear back from customers on their purchases from HolidayCoro. So, about 15 days after you purchase your item, we sent out an email asking for your feedback on the item and/or the website -
Can I download my sequences/software directly from your website?
Yes - our new website has a download system that, once your order has been completed (shipped), you will receive a download link to directly download your sequences or software. If you loose your
Why Purchase from HolidayCoro?
Why Purchase from HolidayCoro? We know that you have choices when you decide to make your animated lighting purchases and sometimes it is hard to determine which vendor is a good choice. Her
How do I belcome an affiliate of HolidayCoro and why would I want to be an affiliate?
We have lots of passionate customers that refer customers to our website and products and we'd like to reward you for that loyalty through our affiliate commission program.  Here is how it works