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5 Volt or 12 Volt - Which Should I Use For My Project?
A very common question we get at HolidayCoro is - which voltage should I use for my project. While there are often not many absolutes, this article works to cover many of the factors you should be con
DMX + Power over CAT5 System Details
Some of our products are built on a " DMX + Power over CAT5" system. This article explains about the system and why it may or may not be right for your display. There are cases where
HolidayCoro PRE-SALE Dates, Status and Policies
HolidayCoro PRE-SALE Dates, Status, Policies and Warranty Information CLICK HERE TO SEE PRE-SALE ITEMS Why make your PRE-SALE purchase from HolidayCoro? The lowest prices with
AlphaPix Technical Support Page
All support and technical assistance for the AlphaPix controllers can be found on this page. If you are looking for controller specific information, including purchasing the AlphaPix, see this page: h
Replacement Process and Policy for RGB Lights
You've likely reached this page because HolidayCoro support has directed you here due to a failure of lights on a string. Please read through the option that works best for you and let us know which o
How many item / elements can I run over CAT5?
The DMX + Power over CAT5 system is an inexpensive and simple system but there are limits to what it can be used for.  This knowledge base article explains the limits of CAT5 cable as it relates
Differences between Chip Protocols
This page contains information about the differences between different types of protocols / chips used in pixels   Pixel Protocol/Chip 2801 WS2801 2811 WS2811
What is a Null Pixel and do I need them?
We will occasionally get a question about why HolidayCoro doesn't sell a "null pixel" product or when a null pixel is needed for a project. This article covers those common questions we receive about