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Cross-Ship Replacement Instructions
You've been directed to this page because HolidayCoro support staff has determined that the product you have, may be or has been determined to be defective and needs to be exchanged for a replacement
Custom Projects by HolidayCoro
Each year, HolidayCoro works with many customers that need "just" the right custom product that isn't on the market to meet the needs of their display. This article answers many of the common questio
International Shipping Costs
Q: I live outside the US and I would like to know how much shipping is on my order. A: To determine how much your shipping will be, select all the items you wish to purchase by placing them into the
Light-o-Rama LOR Coupon Promo Discount Instant Code
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PRE-SALE Order Staus
All PRE-SALE Order Status Information has been moved to this page:
Product Review Awards
We love to hear back from customers on their purchases from HolidayCoro. So, about 15 days after you purchase your item, we sent out an email asking for your feedback on the item and/or the website -
Replacement Process and Policy for RGB Lights
You've likely reached this page because HolidayCoro support has directed you here due to a failure of lights on a string. Please read through the option that works best for you and let us know which o
Technical Support Assistance Options for The Actidongle
HolidayCoro offers a range of technical support assistance options for customers to fit their exact needs. The following applies to all support options: Support is per controller not per inciden
Why does HolidayCoro offer a variable warranty on controllers?
Starting Jan 1, 2017, HolidayCoro moved from a standard warranty on all controllers to an variable warranty based on customer choice. Those choices are: No Warranty - the controller is sold as-is and
wowlights coupon code
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