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Sales Tax Information
Last Updated: 04/17/2018
All purchases delivered to a Texas address, sales delivered to a state of Texas address will have Texas sales tax of 8.25% assessed on them. If your organization is tax exempt (government, non-profits) or you are reselling products, your order can be placed, tax exempt. Resellers, Non-Profits (excluding government agencies) and Churches will need to pass verification here. To place your first tax exempt order, please use the following process:
  • Place your order as normal but when you complete checkout, select the "CASH" payment option.
  • Complete our sales tax exemption form - two pages are included - the first is if you are a reseller and the second is if you are a non-profit or government agency.
  • Enter the required information into the appropriate page, making sure to enter a valid sales tax ID #
  • Email the completed form to with a note indicating which order this certificate applies to
  • We will mark your account as tax exempt (this process will not be required on future orders as long as your exempt status remains valid) and adjust your order to remove sales tax.
  • We will then send you a link to your order to complete payment in the method that you choose.

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