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AlphaPix Stuck at Password Login Screen
Last Updated: 11/25/2017
If your AlphaPix controller is currently stuck at the password login screen and the default password is not working, the issue is likely the following:

* The wrong firmware has been installed - if the firmware was just "updated" and now the controller is stuck, make sure that you have the correct version of the firmware. There are two generations of firmware - V1 and V2/V3. When viewing the firmware webpage, look closely at the controller identification to make sure the correct firmware is installed. See
* The password is being blocked by a anti-virus application, typically AVG. If you have AVG installed on your PC, temporarily disable the application using the instructions here and then set your controller so that no password is required.
* The password is being entered incorrectly - try typing the password (the default is 12345) into another application where you can see the text and ensure that it is being typed properly
* Restore the controller to factory defaults using this video:
* If all else fails, reinstall the firmware using the firmware recovery option listed on this page:

We recommend against setting a password unless there is a clear security need on an exposed network.

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