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Technical Support Assistance Options for AlphaPix Controllers
Last Updated: 07/14/2018
HolidayCoro offers a range of technical support assistance options for customers to fit their exact needs.

The following applies to all support options:
  • Support is per controller not per incident. In some cases, solutions may be provided that resolve multiple controller issues such as networking, PC or sequencing application related issues.
  • Once a controller has been purchased, support can only be purchased at the regular price.

Feature / Support Function Regular Support
(included with controller purchase)
Priority Support via
Dedicated Phone
Cost when purchased with controller None $49.99
Cost when purchased separately of controller None $99.99
Purchase Link
Method of support delivery * E-Mail / Outbound Phone as needed
* Automated support system
* Dedicated inbound phone number
* Remote PC control when needed
* Automated support system
Estimated off-peak periods support response time
Dec 1 to Oct 19
Nov 1 to Nov 15
1 to 3 business work days 12 to 48 hours excluding weekends and holidays
Estimated peak periods support response time
Oct 20 to Oct 31
Nov 16 to Nov 30
1 to 6 days 6 to 48 hours including weekends
Support Professional Experience Level 5-10 years experience 5-10 years experience
Support Professional Country United States (English only) United States (English only)
Controller wiring Yes Yes
Controller setup (protocol selection, configuration of universes / SPI outputs, DMX addressing, etc) Yes Yes
Controller networking (configuration of IP addressing on controller, wiring between controller and PC, configuration of networking settings on PC, troubleshooting of networking problems (firewalls, conflicting applications, etc) Yes Yes
Sequencing application (setup of output configuration to match controller settings, create test sequence to confirm operation) Yes Yes
Sequencing within sequencing application (instruction on the creation of sequence (please note that we do not write entire sequences), troubleshooting of customer provided sequences We recommend contacting the software vendor for software support but live support is also available from HolidayCoro in 30 minute blocks. Click here for purchase.

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