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PixLite Technical Support Page
Last Updated: 05/23/2015
This page contains setup and related information for the now discontinued PixLite controller.

The replacement controller, the AlphaPix can be found here:

Configuring the PixLite 16 Pixel Controller and Network Setup

Setting up the PixLite Pixel Controller and Network Setup

Adapting pre-purchased sequences

Q: What is better for my project - the AlphaPix or PixLite controller?
A: Selecting a controller is part of the overall design process and selecting the controller comes after the process of selecting the lights, quantity of lights and the location of those lights to be used in the element/project. It is only then that the appropriate controller type, number of controllers and controller output count can be determined. For more information on that selection process, please see this blog post.

Q: Where can I find instructions and software for use of the PixLite?
A: We have a number of videos on the main product page and on the FAQ page (where you are now) that show how to setup, test and program the PixLite controller. You can also download a printable manual for this controller here: For information on how to configure the controller settings, see this document:

The configuration utility can be downloaded here:

Q: What do the red and green status lights on the board mean and what do the green and orange status lights on the Ethernet jack mean?

System Board Status Lights
Power LED (Green) Status LED (Red) Condition
Solid Slow Flashing Normal operating condition, controller firmware is booted up and working correctly.
Solid Solid Firmware not running.
Alternate Flashing Alternate Flashing Boot loader mode
Off On Controller powered up but no network connection, plug in network cable to working Ethernet plug
Off Off No power to bank 1-8

Network Jack Status Lights
Link LED (Green) Data LED (Yellow) Condition
Solid Repaid Flashing Connected to network, receiving/sending data ok
Solid Off Connected to network, NOT receiving or sending data
Off Off Power on controller is off or cable is not plugged into a valid Ethernet network port/switch

Q: How can I test the PixLite without setting up programming?
A: Start by making sure you have the controller plugged into a working Ethernet switch or port. Then by holding down the "Factory IP" button for 3 seconds after the board is running and then letting go. Single clicks after that will scroll through test modes. Hold down again for 3 seconds to go back to normal operation.

Q: I'd like to purchase spare or replacement plugs used for the pixel outputs - where can I find those?
A: If you need additional plugs, they can be purchased at DigiKey.

Q: I'm unable to get output to my pixels and I have verified that the pixels have the right power and the test mode doesn't work.
A: It is not common but in selected cases, when pixels are incorrectly connected or shorted out, the output chip can become damaged. The output chip is socketed in the controller (U7 - U10) to allow for it to be replaced in the field. The chip can be purchased from Digi-Key.

Q: I've blow a fuse and already used the included replacements and need new fuses - where can I purchase them?
A: Fuses for the pixel outputs (4 amps) can be found here and the logic fuse (1 amp) can be found here. These fuses (MINI 10.9 x 3.8 x 8.8 mm) can also be found in many other retail locations where car fuses are sold.

Q: How do I set the IP address back to the "factory" IP of
A: Turn off the power to the PixLite, then, while pressing down the "Factory IP" button on the board, turn on the power to the PixLite and continue to hold down the button for 5 seconds. The IP address will then be reset to

Q: How do I setup Vixen Lights 2.1 or 2.5 to work with the PixLite 16 controller?
A: See this article:

Q: How do I update the firmware on the PixLite controller?
A: This video provides step-by-step instructions to update your PixLite firmware:

The following videos show how to use two different test utilities to test the output of your PixLite E1.31 controller. If you are experiencing problems with setup or operation in LOR or other sequencing applications, we recommend performing testing outside of those application first, allowing you to determine if the problem is with the sequencing software or with the hardware (PC, controller, network, etc).

This video shows how to use the da_e131 utility (free at to test the output of your PixLite:

This video shows how to use the xLights 2012 utility (free at to test the output of your PixLite
(NOTE: Do not use the new xLights/Nutcracker as it has too many bugs for testing output):

Setting up the RS-485 Output Jacks on the PixLite Controller:

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