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Order Checkout Comments / Questions
Last Updated: 10/13/2014
Asking a question in the "Checkout Comments" box will nearly always delay your order as we will not ship an order for which there are pending questions until we communicate with the customer. This article provides answers to some common questions we receive on the checkout page under "Order Comments":
  • Examples of questions are - "Can you switch this item", "Can this be assembled", "Can this order be shipped by xxxx". Often it is best to ask these questions prior to placing the order through our Contact Us page.
  • There is no need to request a tracking number - we will always provide a tracking number via the email address connected with the order when the order ships.
  • If you'd like to know about how long it will take to receive your order once it ships, please check our shipping times page.
  • If you have sequences in your purchase, you can download them after you complete your paid order. This knowledge base article explains how to download them.
  • If you have a defective item and have not already contacted us about the item, please contact us prior to ordering a replacement for the item.

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