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Singing Snowman with Strumming Hand Guitar (for Incandescent and LED mini-lights)
HoliadyCoro.com Singing Guitar Playing Snowman
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The following items are included with this product:
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See description below
Product Features
  • General Product Information
    • Intended locations for use:
      • Ground / Yard
      • Wall / Fence / Doors
      • Roof
    • Holiday Seasons:
      • Christmas
    • Other:
      • Talking: Introductions to songs, voice overs (display hours, rules)
      • Singing: Singing to songs with vocals
    • Produced from weather resistant and strong plastic (see below for details)
    • Reverse side/ back is pre-marked with a contrasting, water proof marker that shows:
      • The exact path that should be followed for bulb population
      • Channel number
      • Bulb count for this string / section
  • Channels and Controllers
    • Channels
      • NOTE: We don’t specify a specific color of bulb for each given section (eyes, mouth, outlines, etc.) You can adjust your colors to suit your display, light string availably and design aesthetic. See our customer videos for examples of different color arrangements.
      • NOTE: We do not include lights with your purchase. See our Knowledge Base for additional information.
      • You can find M5 High Quality Full Wave LED Strings and All LED Strings light strings on Amazon that work with this product.
      • Channel #1 - Top Lip / 25 Bulbs
      • Channel #2 - "O" Mouth / 23 Bulbs
      • Channel #3 - Middle Mouth / 42 Bulbs
      • Channel #4 - Bottom Mouth / 32 Bulbs
      • Channel #5 - Lower Lip / 37 Bulbs
      • Channel #6 - Eyes Open / 64 Bulbs for both (32 each eye)
      • Channel #7 - Eyes Closed / 18 Bulbs for both (9 each eye)
      • Channel #8 - Body, Guitar, Nose, Scarf / 504 Bulbs
      • Hat (optional) - 119 Bulbs
    • Compatible controllers:
  • Included, optional and customer supplied items
    • Items included with this item/product/bundle:
      • One Black, 4MM (3/16"), ultraviolet resistant, outdoor rated corrugated plastic sheet (see our Knowledge Base for more detailed information about the coro that we use in our products)
    • Required items for operation:
      • Mini Lights – Incandescent or LED
      • Mounting frame – usually inexpensive 2” x 4” material. See our instructions in the Knowledge Base for more information on mounting and frames.
      • Wood or drywall screws
      • Approximately 1” Fender washer - This spreads out the load and ensures a good grip on the coro to the wood.
      • Controller – any A/C based controller will work
      • Misc items – SPT wiring and connectors to form extensions. Any mounting or additional materials require to affix the panels to their mounting location.
    • Optional items:
      • Paint – Some people pre-paint the faces on the front side prior to installation of the bulbs to provide a better day time appearance.
      • Zip ties – Used to bundle up unused wires/lights. See our 4” and 14” zip ties above.
    • Customer supplied tools:
  • Assembly Instructions and Recommended Reading/Watching
    • Instructions
  • Estimated assembly time: 2 to 4 hours
  • Technical Specifications
    • Color: Black Coro
    • Material thickness: 4mm
    • Overall dimensions: 69” x 46” (includes 1.5” border for 2” x 4” mounting frame) – inside/design dimensions of 66” x 43”.
    • Shipping dimensions: 25” x 71” x 1" (folded down the middle)
    • Weight: 7.5 pounds (excluding lights or frame)
    • Temperature Range: -17f to +160f
    • Material Composition: Polypropylene
    • County of Origin
      • Materials/parts: USA (Texas)
      • Assembly/Mfg: USA (Texas)
      • Design: USA (Texas)
    • Warranty & Support
      • Warranty period
        • 60 days from date of purchase OR until December 31st of the year in which the product was purchased. See our warranty policy for more information.
    • Customization: Yes - This product can be customized to your specific requirements. For costs, lead times and blackout periods, see our Guide to Customized Products.
  • Product Revision History
    • Initial design: Feb-2012

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