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RGB Coro Candle Diffuser for RGB Pixels - 40.5 to 77.5 Inches High

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The following items are included with this product:

Select the RGB Candle Height

Qty 1 of RGB Coro Candle Diffuser for RGB Pixels - 77.5 Inches High [Add $16.99]
Qty 1 of RGB Coro Candle Diffuser for RGB Pixels - 61.5 Inches High [Add $14.99]
Qty 1 of RGB Coro Candle Diffuser for RGB Pixels - 40.5 Inches High [Add $11.99]
Pixel Lights

15 of Rectangle RGB Pixel Modules for 77.5" Candle [Add $15.99]
12 of Rectangle Pixel Modules for 61.5" Candle [Add $12.99]
8 of Rectangle RGB Pixel Modules for 40.5" Candle [Add $8.49]
To Control Pixels

1 EasyPix Pixel Controller [Add $35.99] - Discounted when purchased with this product
For Attaching Controllers/Coro/Lights

2 of Hot Glue Stick (10") [Add $0.72]

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The RGB Coro Candle is a great addition for displays that want the modern look of an RGB element but hints of traditional elements of the past.
Assembly Instructions
Customer Video
Customer Video
Product Features
The RGB Coro Candle is designed for use with Rectangle RGB Pixel Modules. This allows you to add a chasing element to your display while still maintaining a more traditional look.

  • A variety of overall sizes - 40.5", 61.5" and 77.5 high , 6" wide and 3.5" deep
  • Pre-marked locations for rectangle pixel modules
  • Curved body ensures an excellent viewing angles for everyone watching your display and a realistic flame tops it off.
  • White/translucent coro ensures excellent diffusion of each pixel resulting in a "smooth" output of light.
  • Includes Velcro hook-and-loop tape to make it easy to secure your Coro Candle to T-stakes, re-bar or other posts or poles.
  • Includes zip ties and galvanized rods to complete the assembly.
To complete your Coro Candle, the following items are required:
  • Hot Glue - This hot glue that has been tested to work great with coro material. Requires two, 10" sticks for assembly of the flame
  • CoroClaw - The CoroClaw allows you to make the necessary cuts to bend the coro for the body and the flame.

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