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PixNode Strip(tm) - 12mm RGB Node Node Mounting Strips for Pixel MegaTrees

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Price: $2.09 to $3.49 Per Strip

(Minimum order):  10

Availability/Ships: Same Day / Delivery Times
Product Code: 767

The following items are included with this product:

MegaTree Mounting Strip - Select the Spacing

1" Center to Center Node Spacing - 94 Holes Total / 94.7" Long / BLACK / Price per Strip - [Add $2.49]
1" Center to Center Node Spacing - 94 Holes Total / 94.7" Long / CLEAR / Price per Strip - [Add $3.49]
3" Center to Center Node Spacing - 32 Holes Total / 94.8" Long / BLACK / Price per Strip - [Add $2.09]

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Hands on Demo
How to splice PixNode Strip
For longer lengths
Adam's Family MegaTree on Left at 3 Inch Spacing
3 Pencil Trees in Center at 2 Inch Spacing
Product Features

The absolute key to a well designed and beautiful RGB Pixel MegaTree is ensuring that your pixels are straight and evenly spaced - even just a few mis-aligned or un-evenly spaced pixels can ruin the look of a pixel MegaTree. While strip / ribbon pixels have this as part of their inherent design, nodes have always had a problem getting perfect spacing and alignment. Previous solutions involved complicated and extremely slow taping or zip tying and often then didn't produce perfect results. All these problems with mounting pixel nodes on your MegaTree are now solved and at a price below any other method on the market today with PixNode Strips™.
  • Outdoor Rated - Manufactured from durable, outdoor rated and UV resistant plastic on our in-house, computer controlled machines.
  • Durable & Strong - Our strips are 15% thicker and stronger than all other pixel node strip on the market today - hands down the strongest strip on the market today.
  • Black or Clear - We offer black which is great for non-reflective lighting and helps to hide light scatter from the rear of pixels. Clear is a good choice where daytime aesthetics and reduced light blockage from rear facing elements in a display are important.
  • Part of the Integrated QuickTree System - The QuickTree system allows you to use PixNode Strips to build 4 to 40 ft tall strip trees and more - all perfectly designed to work together.
  • No Screws, Bolts, Washers or Tools Required - HolidayCoro invented the original, no-hardware strip using two simple 4" zip ties - no need to worry about additional hardware to splice together longer lengths. Splicing does not affect spacing or require skipping any node holes.
  • Trimmable to 1" Sections - Each strip can be cut to any length using standard scissors, in increments as small as 1". To create longer lengths, use two, 4" zip ties to create super strong splices - without the need to manually punch holes or modify the strip in any way.
  • Designed for High Tension Forces - Designed for 55 pounds of tension and 70 pounds on splice joints using just two nylon zip ties
  • Fast Installation - Installation takes only about 2-4 seconds per node making it the absolutely fastest method on the market today
    • Recommended Nodes and Spacing:
    • Center to Center Pixel Spacing Node Bullet / ~3" Spacing

      #711 (12v) & #710 (5v)
      #711-BLK-WP (12v)
      #710-BLK-WP (5v)

      Node Square / ~3" Spacing

      #673 (12v) &
      #672 (5v)

      Node Bullet / ~6" Spacing

      #712 (12v)

      1 Inch / 25.4 mm
      (1" Spacing Strip)
      Yes Yes Yes
      (use 3" spacing pixels instead)
      2 Inches / 50.8 mm
      (1" Spacing Strip)
      Skip 1 Hole
      Yes Yes Yes
      (use 3" spacing pixels instead)
      2.5 Inches / 63.5 mm
      (2.5" Spacing Strip)
      Yes Yes Yes
      (use 3" spacing pixels instead)
      3 Inches / 76.2 mm
      (3" Spacing Strip)
      May Stretch Wires Yes Yes
      4 Inches / 101.6 mm
      (1" Spacing Strip)
      Skip 3 Holes
      No No Yes
      5 Inches / 127 mm
      (1" Spacing Strip)
      Skip 4 Holes
      No No Yes
      6 Inches / 152.4 mm
      (1" Spacing Strip)
      Skip 5 Holes
      No No Yes
      7 Inches / 177.8 mm
      (1" Spacing Strip)
      Skip 6 Holes
      No No May Stretch Wires
  • No electrical tape - As many have learned, using the "banding and taping" method, results in electrical tape that comes loose in the cold and is extremely time consuming to install and makes repairs a nightmare.
  • Easy "On-Tree" Repairs - On-tree repairs of bad nodes can often be performed without requiring any major disassembly of surrounding nodes.
  • Extensive Termination Options - Strip ends can be attached to a variety of termination points at the top and bottom of your tree. Materials that can be used for termination points include:
    • PVC pipe
    • Eye hooks (round, hook, large or small)
    • Screws
    • Bolts
    • Nails
    • Zip ties
    • See our product video for examples
    • We also offer for selected installations, the PixNode Strain Relief clip.
  • Easy Off-Season Storage - Just take down your PixNode Strip with the nodes installed, coil up and store away in bins or hang from your garage or basement joists. The material is safe to store in temperatures up to 375f.
  • We recommend purchasing 5% more than actual necessary length to allow for splicing and end connections/terminations
  • Product Specifications (both black and clear):
    • Length: ~95 Inches / 241cm
    • Width: 1.125" Wide / 28.5mm (variations of -5% to +5% are possible and do not affect product operation)
    • Spacing (all are center to center of each pixel) - varies by specific product SKU:
      • 1" / 25.4mm
      • 2.5" / 63.5mm
      • 3" / 76.2mm
    • Pixel Hole Size: .42 to .44" Pixel Node Hole (slightly undersized from 12mm to ensure a good fit and proper alignment)
    • Additional: Three .125" / 3.175mm Zip tie holes surround each side of the node for spicing
    • Thickness: ~.038" / .96mm thick material simulates the native steel nodes were designed for use with
    • Light Transmission: Black: 0% / Clear: 92%
  • County of Origin
    • Materials/parts: USA
    • Assembly/Mfg: USA
    • Design: USA
  • Revision History
    • 11-Jan-15 - Initial design released
    • 08-Mar-15 - Clear PixNode strips released
    • 02-Jun-15 - Updated material for HDPE strips and links to QuickTree system
    • 05-Aug-15 - Discontinued Clear PixNode Strips
    • 04-Sept-15 - Added 2.5" spacing
    • 22-Mar-16 - Clear strips re-introduced using newly formulated plastic

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Great product. November 17, 2017
Reviewer: Michael Stoffregen from Ozark, MO United States  
This is the only place that I could find clear mounting strips. When I ordered them, I was notified within 24 hours they have shipped. They arrived in great condition and they’re already mounted on a fruit tree in my front yard. Great experience.

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Mounting strips November 4, 2017
Reviewer: Michael Steiner from Las Vegas, NV United States  
Great product. Have never had any problems.

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Perfect for mounting RGB pixels October 28, 2017
Reviewer: Derek Drake from Louisville, KY United States  
Easy to use and makes setup much faster in the future.

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strips August 27, 2017
Reviewer: alan tomesek from toledo, OH United States  
strips make it much easier to keep light organized

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Must be good... second order July 25, 2017
Reviewer: zeighty from Orlando, FL United States  
These work great. Durable and well designed.

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