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Huge Animated American Flag (71" x 46")
Huge Animated American US Flag
Lights Not Included
Unit Arrives Unpainted - See Instructions

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The following items are included with this product:
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With our huge 71" x 46" American flag, your July 4th display will be a huge hit!  Also great for other patriotic events.
Tom Langley's July 4th Display
Orginal Prototype American Flag (LED Bulbs)
Product Features
  • General Product Information
    • Intended locations for use:
      • Ground / Yard
      • Wall / Fence / Doors
      • Roof
    • Holiday Seasons:
      • July 4th Display
    • Other:
      • Parties
      • Patrotic Events
    • Produced from weather resistant and strong plastic (see below for details)
    • Reverse side/ back is pre-marked with a contrasting, water proof marker that shows:
      • The exact path that should be followed for bulb population
      • Channel number (for matching sequences - See below)
      • Bulb count for this string / section
  • Channels and Controllers
    • Bulbs
      • NOTE: We do not include lights with your purchase. See our Knowledge Base for additional information.
      • You can find M5 High Quality Full Wave LED Strings and All LED Strings light strings on Amazon that work with this product.
      • 891 for white stripes (3 stripes at 99 bulbs each, 3 stripes at 198 bulbs each)
      • 990 for red stripes (4 stripes at 99 bulbs each, 3 stripes at 198 bulbs each)
      • 560 for blue field background
      • 250 or 500 for white stars - it is your option if you wish to use 5 (on the outside tips of the stars only), 10 (5 on the outside tips plus 5 on the inside of the star - though you could reduce this if you wanted to) bulbs per star
    • Controllers / Channels
      • Typically 15 Channels. Six for white stripes, seven for red strips, one for stars, one for blue field.
      • Light-O-Rama / All LOR AC Based Controllers
      • Lynx Express AC Based Controller
      • Renard AC Based Controllers
      • All other AC based controllers
  • Included, optional and customer supplied items
    • Items included with this item/product/bundle:
      • One, White, 4MM (3/16"), ultraviolet resistant, outdoor rated corrugated plastic sheet (see our Knowledge Base for more detailed information about the coro that we use in our products)
      • Coro Splice Rods for re-inforcement when shipped in 1/4's. Orders shipped with just a folded flag, rods will not be included
    • Required items for operation:
      • Mini Lights – Incandescent or LED
      • Mounting frame – usually inexpensive 2” x 4” material. See our instructions in the Knowledge Base for more information on mounting and frames.
      • Wood or drywall screws
      • Approximately 1” Fender washer - This spreads out the load and ensures a good grip on the coro to the wood. These can be purchase from the options above.
      • Controller – any A/C based controller will work
      • Misc items – SPT wiring and connectors to form extensions. Any mounting or additional materials require to affix the panels to their mounting location.
    • Optional items:
      • Paint – Some people pre-paint the faces on the front side prior to installation of the bulbs to provide a better day time appearance.
      • Zip ties – Used to bundle up unused wires/lights. See our 14” zip ties above.
    • Customer supplied tools:
  • Assembly Instructions and Recommended Reading/Watching
    • Instructions
    • Shipped with product: No
  • Estimated assembly time: 3-5 hours
  • Technical Specifications
    • Color: White Coro
    • Material thickness: 4mm
    • Overall dimensions: 71” x 46” (includes 1.5” border for 2” x 4” mounting frame) – inside/design dimensions of 68” x 43”.
    • Shipping dimensions: 36” x 24”. See how we cut this item down to size for shipping. Don't wish for your item to be cut down - contact us.
    • Weight: 7.5 pounds (excluding lights or frame)
    • NOTE: Due to the size of this item and UPS restrictions on package size, this item will ship separately from additional items in your order
    • Temperature Range: -17f to +160f
    • Material Composition: Polypropylene
    • County of Origin
      • Materials/parts: USA (Texas)
      • Assembly/Mfg: USA (Texas)
      • Design: USA (Texas)
    • Warranty & Support
      • Warranty period
        • 60 days from date of purchase OR until December 31st of the year in which the product was purchased. See our warranty policy for more information.
    • Customization: Yes - This product can be customized to your specific requirements. For costs, lead times and blackout periods, see our Guide to Customized Products.
  • Product Revision History
    • Initial design: 2009

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