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EasyLights Pixel MegaTree Kit / 16 Strips / 18ft Tall x 9ft Wide / 800 Pixels (16 pixels x 50 pixels) / High Output / Ready2Run Assembled
EasyLights Pixel MegaTree Kit / 16 Strips / 18ft Tall x 9ft Wide / 800 Pixels (16 pixels x 50 pixels) / High Output / Ready2Run Assembled

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Our Price: $669.95

Availability / Ships: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: 865

The following items are included with this product:

Pre-Configured Input Voltage & Plug Type

110 to 120 Input Voltage and Input (United States, Canada, Mexico, others) - Type B Plug
220 to 240 Input Voltage and Input (Australia, NZ, China, Others) - Type I Plug
220 to 240 Input Voltage and Input (All Other Countries) - Type B Plug
    Click here for voltage and plug details
Controller Warranty Period

Pixel Controller - No Warranty / No Return [No Additional Cost]
EasyLights 16 Controller - 1 Year Hardware Warranty [Add $24.99]
EasyLights 16 Controller - 3 Year Hardware Warranty [Add $39.99] 
Click here for detailed information about our warranty policy (opens in new tab)
Click here for information on why we offer warranty options (opens in new tab)
  - Warranty period cannot be adjusted after purchase
  - Ready2Run Packages: Warranty applies only to controller, standard warranty applies to all other items in package
 - Controller hardware is identical for all warranty levels
Select the Ribbon Mounting Method

I'll Mount Using PVC, EMT or Other DIY Method
Pixel Ribbon Mounting Kit [Add $99.95]
    - Designed for 16 Strip, 180 Degree Ribbon Based MegaTrees, includes:
       * 16 Strip Topper (for use with Extreme Strip)
       * 320 Feet of Extreme Strip
       * 16 of Bottom Strain Reliefs
       * 200 Zip Ties
       * Center Pole Load Spreader
To Transmit FM Audio Broadcast

FM Audio Broadcast Transmitter + Audio Line Level Output Board
(May ship 1st week December 2019) [Add $89.98]
  - For use with EasyLights and HinksPix Pro CPU / Controllers Only
  - For stand-alone sequence playback using EasyLights.com Sequences or uploaded sequences played from controller. Only one per display required.
  - (Certified for use in USA, Not legal in Canada, Other countries should check local restrictions)

[Product Description Page]
How to enable Wireless Mode on EasyLights
How to connect your EasyLights to your Home WiFi network
How to construct using the optional Extreme Strip Mounting System
Product Features

This pixel MegaTree includes a completely assembled controller, extension cables and pre-wired lights.

180 Degrees of Coverage
Ideal Viewing Distance From Audience
20+ Feet
Items Suitable for Display
Scrolling text, singing faces,
animated graphics
Ease of Sequencing Easy - Automatic Download Over Wireless
See EasyLights.com for Sequences
Pixel Counts
Total Pixels per Tree 800
Total RGB LEDs per Tree 2,400
Vertical Sections / Strings 16
Width - Top of Tree Varies by Installation
Typically 17 to 18 feet tall
Pixel Spacing - Top (Horizontal / Pixel-to-Pixel) Varies by Installation
Pixel Spacing - Bottom (Horizontal / Pixel-to-Pixel) Varies by Installation
Typically 10 to 14 feet wide
Power Injection Required / Cables per Strand
No / One Cable
Type of pixel used
30 LED / 10 IC-Pixel Per Meter (39")
Controller - Pre-wired with power and cables
Fully Assembled
Lights - Pre-wired with waterproof connections
Fully Assembled
Overall erection time for entire tree
(with assembled hardware)
60 to 240 Minutes
DIY Customer assembly time
(excludes erection time)
2 Hours (Experienced)
3 to 6 Hours (Novice)
Additional Required Items (Sourced by Customer)
Mounting Hardware See Instructions Here
Varies by Installation
8 Inch to 12 Inch Galvanized Nail / Stakes
16 Typically
Tent Stake / Re-Bar or Similar
(Depends on local soil and ground conditions)
Varies by Installation
Guy Wires or Rope Not Required or Varies
Sequencing Software None required, sequences can be downloaded
from EasyLights.com
Computer / Show PC A mobile phone, tablet or PC is required to access
EasyLights.com to purchase and schedule songs.

All sequences are stored locally on the controller and
the MegaTree will operate without any additional "show PC".

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