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For elements and projects that require OVER 170 pixels. Typically used for centralized, larger projects involving pixels. MegaTrees, House Outlines Matrix and other projects are a good fit for these controllers.

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  • DMX E1.31 (includes the variation called ArtNet)

    • Data is transmitted over super high bandwidth (100 megabits per second) Ethernet based signally system (this is the same network you have in your home PC network)

    • Used for pixel based elements that have hundreds to many thousands of pixels per element

    • Ethernet signalling allows distances of about 300 feet using wired connections, can also be used wireless (additional hardware required)

    • Ethernet signal can be split using standard "switches" or "hubs". Multiple E1.31 controllers can be used on the same wiring network.

    • E1.31 DMX signal generated directly from PC and no "dongle" or additional adapters are required.

    • Works with all major sequencing applications on the market

    • Usually each controller is higher cost ($160 to $230)

    • All HolidayCoro E1.31 controllers also have 1 to 4 additional E1.11 (RS485) outputs. This allows you to feed a signal to the E1.31 controller and then also control additional, older E1.11 controllers without the cost of using a "dongle".

    • ALL HolidayCoro E1.31 controllers work with ALL holiday sequencing software on the market.

    • Not sure which E1.31 controller is right for you?  See our blog article on this subject.

    • Wondering how to integrate your existing LOR controllers with E1.31 controllers?  See our knowledge base article on this subject.