2013 HolidayCoro Lighting Contest Winners

Again, we continue to be amazed at the impressive work our customers are doing with HolidayCoro products.
This year, over 200 videos were submitted to our 2013 Lighting Contest. We watched each and every video,
carefully grading on a variety of factors and after crunching the data, the following five winners were selected:

Grand Prize - Nathanial Rhodes
Floods, TinyPix, RGB Pixels, Candy Canes, ActiDongle
$200 in HolidayCoro Store Credit

Also check out the aerial version of the video above

1st Prize - Tom Langley
HexaTrees, CoroStars
$100 in HolidayCoro Store Credit

2nd Prize - Mark Matalik
RGB Floods, Misc Hardware
$75 in HolidayCoro Store Credit

3rd Prize - William Michaud
RGB Floods, Controllers, Actidongle, Misc Hardware
$50 in HolidayCoro Store Credit

4th Prize - James Jordan
CoroCanes, TinyPix, HexaTrees, CoroStars, Luminaries, Misc Hardware
$25 in HolidayCoro Store Credit

Thanks again to everyone that entered the contest and we look forward to your videos from 2014!