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DISCONTINUED: Dumb 3 Channel RGB DMX Controller - Bare Lead Input + Bare Lead Output
3 Channel RGB DMX Controller - 12v DC Bare Lead Input/Output - $8.74

Single Controller Price: $9.95
Clearance Price: $5.99
You Save: $3.96

Availability / Ships: Discontinued
Product Code: 26

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NOTE:  This legacy controller has been replaced with this controller:  http://www.holidaycoro.com/product-p/27.htm
Hands on with the Controller
How to waterproof this controller to IP66
How to test the DMX Controller using xLights
How to program the HolidayCoro controller
Product Features
This switchless controller is being replaced by a new DIP switch based controller of the same dimensions and functionality.

  • General Product Information
    • Basic / Dumb control over elements that use RGB lights that do not need individual control. Element examples would include:
      • Balls (MegaBall, North Pole Ball)
      • Mini Trees (RGB Mini Tree)
      • Flood lights
    • DMX addressing:
      • Pre-programmed to DMX addresses 1 (Red), 2 (Green) and 3 (Blue)
      • Can be ordered pre-programmed to a specific start address (additional charge applies.)
      • Address and built-in sequences (see below) can be set using our DMX programmer cable or hand held programmer. The cable and software (included) plug into your USB port and allow you to set the DMX start address and all features (see below) for the controller. The hand held unit is useful for use in locations without a PC.
      • When controller does not have a DMX data stream (not hooked up to a DMX output device), the controller can be configured to output 22 different static or animated, built-in sequences. In addition to selecting the sequence type (including off/no output), the speed of the animated sequences can be adjusted in 100 different levels. This is useful if you wish to select, for example, the strobe mode and want a fast or slow strobing. The different modes include:
        • Static Black (off)
        • Static Red
        • Static Green
        • Static Yellow
        • Static Blue
        • Static Purple (Halloween)
        • Static Cyan
        • Static White (great for floods in the off-season)
        • RGB Sequence
        • GMBRWCY Sequence
        • GCBMRY Sequence
        • RYGCBMW Sequence
        • Red Strobe
        • Blue Strobe
        • Purple Strobe
        • Green Strobe
        • Yellow Strobe
        • Cyan Strobe
        • White Strobe
        • Red/Blue Cross Fade
        • Blue/Green Cross Fade
        • Green/Red Cross Fade
      • Ability to re-set the address (DMX programmer required) of the controller without affecting other controllers already connected. This is useful if you have a number of controllers, all wired together on a single signal cable and you wish to change the address of the controller without affecting other controllers. For example you may want to change the controller that has a start address of 4 to a new start address of 7 without changing the existing addresses of controllers on the “same line.”
      • The small size of this controller allows mounting directly to elements. If needed, the controller can be removed from the included case/box to further reduce the size of the controller (controller must located in a waterproof location.)
      • Easy to mount with either screws (two on each side) or with hot glue to the base.
      • We have found these controllers to be nearly bullet proof with features like:
        • Short circuit protection on the inputs and outputs
        • Overcurrent protection
        • Over spec components
        • Many of these controllers (we have tested successfully to 90 on a single RS-485 signal line) can be used on a single data / signal line. See our FAQ page for information on proper RS-485 network design.
        • Great for use in distributed controller elements.
  • Included, optional and customer supplied items
    • Items included with this item/product/bundle:
      • One DMX Controller
      • Water resistant housing/case (IP64) that can be made water proof (IP66 to IP68) – see our options and videos on how you can waterproof the controller yourself or have your controller pre-water proofed by HolidayCoro.
      • Configuration instructions
    • Required items for operation:
      • RGB lights (basic/dumb) – will not work with individually controlled pixel lights. See our FAQ page for information on how to determine how many RGB lights can be controlled from each controller.
      • Power supply (see our FAQ page for information about how large of a power supply you will need for your project / element.)
      • DMX signal source (see below)
      • DMX generating software (see below)
      • Shrink wrap tubing (for sealing soldered connections). We do not recommend wire nuts or electrical tape be used for connections.
    • Optional items
      • Mounting (screws, two sided tape, hot glue or other)
    • Customer supplied tools or items:
    • Assembly Instructions
  • Estimated assembly time:
    • First unit: 15-20 minutes
    • Additional units: 10 minutes or less
  • Technical Specifications
    • Color: White
    • Dimensions & Weight
      • Complete product (overall)
        • Per: .10 pounds / 1.5 Oz
        • Height: 1.0"
        • Width (main case, excluding mounting tabs): 2.125" or 2 1/8"
        • Width (main case including tabs): 2.86" or 2 7/8"
        • Depth: 1.5"
        • CAD Drawings upon request
    • Temperature Range
      • Operation: 10 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit
      • Storage: -20 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit
      • Material Composition
        • Case: Hard UV resistant plastic
        • Wires: PVC coated - tin plated copper
  • County of Origin
    • Materials/parts: China / USA / Japan
    • Assembly: China
    • Design: China / USA
  • Certifications & Approvals
    • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Certified/Recognized/Approved: No
    • CE: No
    • ROHS (Lead Free): Yes / Unknown / Not Listed
  • Compatibility
    • All DMX512 output devices including:
      • Enttec Open
      • Enttec Pro
      • LOR USB “Dongle” (varies)
      • DIYLA Lync Dongle
      • DMX King
      • LOR iDMX-1000
      • SanDevices ELOR
      • Any standard DMX output device
  • Power / Signal / Wiring
    • Wiring / Interface:
        • Protocol: DMX512/1990
        • Signal: RS-485
        • Stripped and tinned wires ~7" Long
        • Blue: RS-485 Negative
        • Red: RS-485 Positive
        • Black: Ground
      • Power input
        • Stripped and tinned wires ~8" Long
        • Voltage Range: 7 to 15v DC
        • Red: Positive 12v
        • Black: Negative 12v
      • Signal (PWM) output
        • Stripped and tinned wires ~8" Long
        • Dimming Levels / Steps: 8 Bit / 256 (DMX Maximum)
        • Up to 2 amps per channel (6 amps per controller)
        • Length (stripped and tinned wires):
          • White: Common positive 12v (shared)
          • Red: Red / Channel 1 common negative
          • Green: Green / Channel 2 common negative
          • Blue: Blue / Channel 3 common negative
      • Maximum RGB Lights per controller examples
        • Note: These are estimates and do not account for long lengths of cable, differences in power requirements for other vendors RGB lights or other possible factors. You should confirm power consumption prior to hookup - see our Knowledge Base for more information.
Per RGB Channel / Controller
(3 DMX Channels)
Directly powered with 6amp Power supply and no less than 20ga Wiring
Per RGB Channel / Controller
(3 DMX Channels)
Wiring over CAT5
w/24ga Wires (3 pairs/6 wires)
100 Nodes

6,000mA or 6amps per RGB group / 60ma per node with white output

50 Nodes

3,000mA or 3amps per RGB group / 60ma per node with white output
RGB Rectangle & Square
Dumb / Basic Modules
60 Modules

6,000mA or 6amps per RGB group / 100ma
per module with white output
30 Modules

3,000mA or 3amps per RGB group / 100ma
per module with white output

RGB Dumb / Basic Strip

46 Feet

6,000mA or 6amps per RGB group /130ma
per foot with white output
23 Feet

3,000mA or 3amps per RGB group /130ma
per foot with white output
  • Warranty & Support
    • Warranty period
      • 60 days from date of purchase OR until December 31st of the year in which the product was purchased. For complete information, see our warranty details.
    • Support
      • See our support policy for details on what levels of technical assistance you can expect from HolidayCoro.
  • Customization: Yes - Minimum order of 500
  • Product Revision history
    • Until 01-Sept-2012: Version 1 original design (some version 1 controllers continued to be sold after this date)
    • 01-Sept-2012 until current: Version 2 added customizable built-in sequences (type and speed) and the ability to change the address “on line” while other controllers are connected to the same data line.

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5 of 5 Dumb 3 Channel G\RGB Dmx Controller May 28, 2015
Reviewer: dollarbillz@bellsouth.net from Lumberton, NC United States  
im using 3 3 channel dmx Controllers on three stars I made for 4th  july they work well for this project. I use LOR S3. they work  good with this.

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5 of 5 3 channel dmx module November 21, 2014
Reviewer: Lance Darland from Blythe, CA United States  
Great product!! HolidayCoro is this the best!!

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5 of 5 useing with lor August 28, 2014
Reviewer: john coger from mansfield, AR United States  
new at this so fare it all works and looks good,

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 AWESOME PRODUCTS August 26, 2014
Reviewer: Brent Lamarque from Hertford, NC United States  
First off I need to tell you the customer service at HOLIDAYCORO is unbelievable.  Their product knowledge is great.  I've called several time to explain my project and they knew what I needed, even if it wasn't from their product line.
Second - the basic 3 channel controller is simple to use.  I made 6 North Poles using these controllers.  HOLIDAYCORO's online tutorial was awesome, step by step through the process.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Great August 25, 2014
Reviewer: David Evans from Layton, UT United States  
This is a cool device, programed the address is seconds and works great.  using them for Halloween pumpkins and headstones

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